Group denounces banning and prosecution of “Al-Quds” TV by Israel

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms “MADA”  in a statement denounced the banning of “Al-Quds” TV from working, and prohibiting other journalists and institutions to work with it in Jerusalem and Israel for allegedly being affiliated to Hamas and incite for terrorism.

Mr. Iyad Jabareen, the Head of Al-Bashir Promedia Production, which provides media services to “Al-Quds” TV, with its headquarters in Om Alfahem, has reported to MADA that the Israeli police has summoned him and his colleagues, the broadcast engineer, Mohammad Yousef Jabareen, and the videographer, Ali Nael Jabareen, to Wadi Ara Investigation Center and Kishon Prison.

He also added that the Israeli Police has arrested Al Quds TV reporter, Anas Ighbaria, from his house, yesterday morning, on Monday, 9 July 2018. After they were questioned about the nature of their work and the relation between their company and “Al-Quds” TV, they were informed that the channel is prohibited from operating in Jerusalem and Israeli territories. They were also informed that Al Quds TV are prohibited to work with for allegedly being affiliated to Hamas and inciting terrorism. Therefore, they were demanded to suspend all forms of services and connections with “Al-Quds” TV considering the fact that it is a licensed Israeli corporation. This ban does not only apply within a specific time limit. All Al- Bashir promedia staff were released after the investigation, except for the reporter of AL-Quds TV, Anas Ighbaria, who was released under the condition of prohibiting him from leaving the house for a period of 5 days, as well as banning him from contacting with the Al- Bashir promedia for a period of 30 days, and a travel ban for a period of three months.

This assault comes within a systematic and aggravated Israeli policy to suppress media freedoms and silencing journalism in Palestine by all forms of assaults, particularly, shutting down media institutions. It should be noted that last year, a total of 17 media institutions were closed, and in last April, Elia for Youth Media, with its headquarter in Jerusalem was closed, for allegedly being a “terrorist facility”, besides, all the continued escalated numbers of arrests and persecution against journalists working in various TV channels and other media institutions during the past two years.

MADA Center expressed its concern about the Israeli assaults against media freedoms and renews its call addressed to legal and international organizations interested with media freedoms to make a serious move and force the occupation authorities to reduce and eliminate these assaults targeting media freedoms in Palestine.