Demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar delayed

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli High Court on Monday issued a decision to delay the demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar Bedouin-Palestinian Community East of Jerusalem, preventing Israeli authorities from carrying on with its plan to evacuate the village.

Palestinian lawyer representing the residents of Khan al-Ahmar village in the West Bank filed a petition last week, claiming that no eviction orders had been given to the residents as the law requires in matters of evacuation response from the state by July 16.

The Israeli High Court had issued a decision to demolish the Bedouin Palestinian community which was established in 1950 under claims that it was built without any permit. However, Israel continues to expand the adjacent settlement of Ma’aleh Admumim, even though it is located in the West Bank.

The some 180 people living in the village have been offered by Israel to be relocated to the nearby town of Abu Dis, which they have refused.

Last week, residents of the community were brutally attacked by Israeli police ahead of their eviction. The decision was faced with a wide wave of solidarity from activists, internationals, including EU countries who slammed the demolition, considered it a move of ethnic cleansing.