MOFA demands clear positions regarding Netanyahu’s gov’t embrace of Jewish terrorism

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Israeli Ministry of Education instigated the killing and hatred of Arabs, portraying the movement of the official Israeli level towards fascism, terror, and prejudice, which was stated by the settler Moshe Zir, who is known for belonging to a secret extremist terrorist organizations, as he encouraged settling and stealing Palestinian land, in an open celebration with the presence of the sponsor of the educational march in the state of the occupation, the right-winged extremist Naftali Bent and other heads and directors of Jewish religious institutes representing the extremist religious Zionist movement, in addition to the presence of former national security adviser Jacob Amidror who stated: “ Building a house is equivalent to killing 100 Arabs, and building a settlement is equivalent to killing 10 thousand non-believers), amid the applause of the audience.

“Despite the Israeli Ministry of Education’s attempt to evade its responsibility from Zir’s statements, the ministry’s discriminatory practices and policies confirm that the minister’s “racist” anti-Arab orientation controls the ministry,” the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

“Meanwhile, the so-called spokesman of the occupation army accused Palestinians in supporting terrorism in front of the French parliament,” it added.

“The Ministry considers that the organization of this ceremony is a new demonstration of the Israeli government and its various arms embrace of this terror embodied in the colonization of the West Bank.

“Israel’s Minister of Defense Lieberman is preparing to establish what he called the “national body” to oversee the theft of Palestinian funds dedicated for the families of the martyrs and prisoners, while the Israeli government, its ministries, arms and various bodies sponsor Jewish terrorism and its organizations protecting them Financially, Politically, and legally, which was reflected in Israeli Minister of Education’s work, who is primarily responsible for educating future generations in Israel,” it said.

The Ministry called on world countries and the international community to notice the “contradictory picture in Israeli political behavior and expose Israeli racist policies aimed at undermining the steadfastness and survival of [Palestinian] people in their homeland.”

The Ministry also warned from dealing with misleading Israeli narrative regarding the allocations of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners and with Israeli ministries and institutions that support and embrace Jewish terrorism.