IOF attack residents of Khan Al-Ahmar ahead of demolishing their village

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Clashes surges as the Israeli soldiers began the demolition of the Bedouin village Khan al-Ahmar east of Jerusalem, using bulldozers uprooting lands trying to pave the way into the village, while dozens of Palestinian peace activists lined up a human chain in front of it. Israeli soldiers brutally attacked local defenders and arrested five people, threatening to use live fire if they do not cooperate.

The Israel’s supreme court approved the demolition in May and issued warrants to the residents while pointing out that the village was illegally built, that they should relocate to a village nearby called Al Jabel which Israel authorities had allocated for the residents.

The preparation of the displacement started earlier this week when the Israeli forces raided the villagers and blocked the main roads from public reach.

Peace activists have been present at the sight for two weeks, preventing the Israeli forces to destruct their village that currently has around 35 families, 180 people living within.