Several Palestinians injured by Israeli settlers attack in Hebron

Hebron /PNN/

Numbers of Israeli settlers assaulted Palestinian residents Friday night at the center of Hebron city called “Tel Rumeida”.

According to local sources, a group of Israeli settlers prevented the passing of a Palestinian woman Sondos al-Azza and her mother to their way home when they started beating her in front of the Israeli soldiers.

“People from Tel Rumeida are living a hard life because of the continuous attacks from the settlers and the closing barriers,” Sondos points out, “as if we are living in a huge prison without the basic rights and the minimal of dignity.”
Others like Ahmad and Mohammad Abu Haikal were assaulted by pepper spray after they try to defend themselves.

Israeli forces have been illegally confiscating lands in the old city of Hebron , invading homes and abducting Palestinians to expand its occupation, as the first Israeli police station in Hebron was inaugurated by the Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs in the Jewish settlement.

The Israeli occupation authorities are carrying out arbitrary measures against the residents of the Old City of Hebron which prompted them to implement peaceful protests to demand the removal of barriers in the area of Tel Rumeida

Posted by ‎ياسر رجب ابو مرخية‎ on Friday, June 29, 2018