Refugee camp holds memorial for lawyer Felicia Langer

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Ex-prisoners, organizations and representatives of national forces in Deheisheh refugee camp on Monday held a memorial ceremony for the international activist, lawyer Felicia Langer, who passed away in Germany recently, and stood against Israeli courts in defense of Palestinian prisoners.

Langer, communist activist who lost most of her family to the holocaust in Germany, went back to her country to lose her Israeli nationality, after some 20 years of defending Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails free of charge for her belief in their case, along with her colleague, Ligra Pacheco.

The service included the prisoner and ex-prisoners, who came to express their appreciation of her bravery and devotion to the Palestinian struggle for sacrifices she made in the face of an oppressive, racist, Zionist occupation regime.

Secretary of the PLO factions in Bethlehem governorate, Mohammad Al-Jafari, said that this memorial comes from the health of Deheisheh refugee camp, which represents one of the  greatest sufferings in human history, the issue of Palestinian refugees, in a sincere tribute to the spirit of Attorney Langer and her fellow lawyers,  who stood in the face of oppression and suffering.”

Ex-prisoner, Fadel Tahboub, said that all prisoners will not forget all work she had done for them, recalling his personal experience with Langer which made her a target for the Israeli occupation, as she was continually threatened for her anti-Israeli stances.

Ex-prisoner Rashid Shaheen said that she had defended him  at court when he was less than 16 years old, where she was keen to meet his mother during the investigation, which lasted more than two months to  support and strengthen her.

To their part, journalists Hamdi Farraj and Hassan Abdel-Jawad recalled many of Langer’s stances, remembering her visit to Deheisheh camp when it was surrounded by  barbed wire from all sides, and cement drums closed its entrances to solidarity with the resident s. At the time, she vowed to work by bringing a case against the military authorities before the Israeli Supreme Court to remove these measures.

Farraj said that she had numerous similar stances, the most prominent is when she packed her bags and left  to Germany to live there as a form of protest against occupation. In Germany, she kept her struggle against the occupation and advocacy of the Palestinian cause.

Abdel-Jawad said that she stood with the Jewish progressives with Deheisheh  camp of against the attempt of Levinger to build a settlement in front of the camp,  and she volunteered to defend the expulsion of Palestinian leaders 1985 against its policy of deportation and against occupation in all its colonial and racist manifestations.


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