MOFA: Occupation continues to terminate two-state solution in front of the whole world

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in a statement on Monday strongly condemned the burning of more than 300 olive trees in the town of Tell, south of Nablus, by the settlers’ militia from “Hafat Gilad” settlement, where they launched a thermal balloon towards the olive groves of the village. This crime comes a few days after a similar terrorist attack led to the burning of 300 other olive trees in the village of Burin, in the framework of the fierce settlements construction campaign sponsored and supported by the Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu against the Palestinian presence in areas classified (C) Between the cities of Nablus and Ramallah, which is witnessing a massive settlement escalation, and the construction of roads and tunnels to serve the settlers at the expense of occupied Palestinian land.

The ministry warned of the expansionist colonial projects aimed at completing the construction of a large settlement bloc in the southwest of Nablus Which also includes Alfei Menashe, Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Emmanuel and other settlements and outposts in the area, aimed at increasing the number of settlers to exceed 25,000 settlers in the foreseeable future, which leads to erasing the Green Line by expanding settlements separating the northern West Bank from its center and south.

This huge settlement bloc will expand the occupation state towards the east, and will further destroy the reality and life of the Palestinian villages and towns, depriving them of any horizontal expansion and turning their hometowns into densely populated prisons in a large colonial environment.

“This statement is a warning to the international community to wake up from its coma and assume its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, through the rapid provision of international protection and the implementation of the recent UN General Assembly resolution on protection,” MOFA statement said.

“The statement also calls upon human rights institutions that are more vocal in many important and unimportant events, but also has responsibilities in the face of this blatant attack the International law and international humanitarian law,” it concluded.