Israeli high court freezes ethnic cleansing orders due to int’l condemnation

By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

Under the international public opinion and Human Right Organizations, the Sant Yves Institution, and Jerusalem Center for Legal Assistant and Human rights managed to got a decision by the Israeli High Court to freeze the Israeli order concerning the administrative demolitions in Area C, which expected to come into effect on 17TH  of this month. The Israeli prosecution informed the Israeli High Court not to activate the duties until a decision on the petition submitted by the above-mentioned institutions is taken.

The military order signed on 17 April by Nadav Baidin, the Central Area Commander with Rogevim Association is considered as a permit for ethnic cleansing in Areas C.

The military order in practice cancels the Jordanian Planning and Building Law that applied on the West Bank as an occupied area. It also grants the civil administration wide duties in demolishing Palestinians buildings where the Palestinian are deprived from appealing. It also entitled, the Civil Administration Inspector to demolish any under construction building or a building that was dwelt less than 30 days, unless he/she proves a building permit.

Human Rights watch called on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to open an official investigation on the aggression and the crimes committed by the Israeli Army against the Palestinian since 2014 including new settlements within the occupied territories.

A list of more than 300 international figures have signed a petition which considers the forced relocation as a war crime, and called on Israel to backtrack its decision and protects the rights of the people to remain in their land.  The list included international, regional and local lawmakers, academics, artists, human rights activists, 90 former and current prime ministers.

Simultaneously, a decision was raised to the Knesset by the Israeli government coalition to put Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank under the control of the “Settlement Brigade,” the Ministerial Legislation Committee also supports the move, which aims at legitimizing the settlement operations. Moreover, the law stipulated that those in charges of the neglected-governmental lands in West be granted to the Settlement Brigade is an independent unit funded by the Israeli government, aims to establish settlements in West Bank, the Negev and the Galilee in order to run them under the Israeli Land Authority Criteria.

Within the context of pushing the settlement plans in the vicinity of Jerusalem forward, the Israeli Ministry of Housing and Construction published a tender for the construction of 459 housing units in the Ma’ale Adumim. According to the tender, the buildings will be built in 5 different plots of land. Thus, Netanyahu called on Benny Ksrael, Mayor of Maale Adumim and informed him on the approval of constructing 459 housing units in an area called “Square Kam.” The project includes the construction of 450 housing units and 300 Jewish families will be settled there by the end of this year. In addition, the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee recently held deliberations to establish a new residential neighborhood near the village of Walaja in the West Bank, which includes 5000 housing units as solutions for young couple, a parking lot, a hotel, offices and shops on approximately 200 square kilometers of Palestinian land to ensure Jews majority in Jerusalem.

The Israel Land Authority is working on a plan to build a new neighborhood in Mevasseret Zion, 40% percent of which lies behind the Green Line. The plan, which covers an area of ​​46 dunums, includes 290 housing units in ten buildings consist of 7 – 10 floors, including commercial spaces, kindergartens and green areas. The southern part of the plan is planned to be built in the Mefertit Tzion area. The plan was filed 3 months ago for objections to the public.

Within the context of clarifying the intentions of the Settler government, head of the Jewish House Party, and Education Minister of the Israeli government, Naftali Bennett, said that the West Bank and all its settlements would soon become part of the “State of Israel.” The Israeli occupation police evacuated 13 houses in the settlement of Netiv Havot, located on a hill belonging to Palestinian civilians in the town of Khader, west of Bethlehem. Bennett confirmed that the Israeli government had approved the establishment of a settlement in the area, adding Netanyahu has vowed to approve them.  A huge neighborhood will be built on this hill, allocated a budget of NIS 70,000,000 to evacuate the settlement and compensate the settlers, some of which is used for the construction of temporary buildings for the settlers to be evacuated. He also said that the government is expected to build new buildings in a location close to the settlement, under the pretext that they are not a Palestinian lands.


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