PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled.Source:

PLO official: Occupation primarily responsible for the catastrophic situation in Gaza

PNN/ Ramallah/

Member of the PLO Executive Committee, Tayseer Khaled on Satursday held Israel fully responsible for the situation in Gaza, saying it is the result of the siege  that has been going on for more than 10 years, in addition to the successive wars that destroyed the infrastructure and caused enormous human and economic losses.

Khaled added that the US administration provides an open cover for these aggressive criminal policies and reached the level of legislation to kill peaceful demonstrators and thwart attempts to obtain a resolution to protect Palestinian people at the Security Council, while the overwhelming will of the international community, as expressed by General Assembly resolutions, and International legitimacy.

Khaled pointed out that the recent measures taken by the government towards the Gaza Strip contributed to the aggravation of the situation, which is contrary to the resolutions of the Palestinian National Council and contrary to the responsibilities of the Palestinian Authority and the government, as well as the PLO towards its people.

He warned of the danger of American-Israeli attempts to deal with the Gaza issue as a humanitarian issue, in isolation from the essence of the problem, the Israeli occupation and its brutal actions and the siege and repeated wars, where the threats of a new aggression continue. He added that the entire international community is responsible for the humanitarian situation in Gaza, but this is inseparably linked to the right of our people to international protection and to the international effort required to help the Palestinian people to end the occupation.

On the Palestinian reconciliation, Khaled said that the National Council in its last session stressed in its resolutions the necessity and importance of implementing the reconciliation agreement agreed upon in Cairo in October last year, including the empowerment of the government without hindrances, and activating the committee to develop and activate the PLO, National elections that prepare for presidential, legislative and other elections for the Palestinian National Council on the basis of full proportional representation.

The resistance is not an obstacle to the implementation of the reconciliation agreement, he added . This is also confirmed by the decisions of the National Council, which set a clear path for re-shaping the relationship with the occupation as a brutal occupation hostile to our people.