MOFA: Israeli pride in burning Palestinian family new proof of  need for international protection

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Israeli Central District Court eliminated yesterday, part of the Dawabsha family’s murderers confessions that murdered them in the village of Duma in 2015 , which usually leads to the easing of sentences on murderers and criminals if not drop charges against them. “The youth of hills” racist groups shouted slogans of incitement to kill Palestinians in front of the Israeli Central District Court during the trial on the death of Dawabshah family.

These cheers expressed pride on the burning of the child Ali Dawabsha and his family by shouting at his grandfather in front of the Israeli media, and police in the area without trying to intervene to prevent them from continuing their racist slogans. These groups are part of the armed militias in the settlements and outposts located on the hills of the occupied West Bank, which pose a daily threat on the lives, lands and properties of Palestinian citizens under the auspices and protection of the Israeli government and its various security and military arms.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned these “shameful trials and public incitements to kill Palestinians and expropriate their lives.”

“The Israeli Government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, bears full and direct responsibility for the ongoing crimes of these militias and their continued aggression against the Palestinian presence in the occupied Palestinian territory,” MOFA said in an official statement.

The Ministry affirmed that the so-called “judiciary system” in Israel is an integral part of the occupation system and is a partner in the crime and its coverage, which requires the International Criminal Court to respond quickly to the just Palestinian demands to open a serious investigation into this crime and other crimes and to prosecute criminals and murderers.