BDS South Africa meets star after apology for ‘Gaza S***hole’ comments

PNN/South Africa

BDS south Africa held a media briefing with South African TV Star Sashi Naidoo after public uproar about pro-Israel comments she made on instagram calling Gaza a ‘s***-hole’ and accusing it of being responsible for its own suffering.

The 37 year old says she will visit Palestine and Gaza on a “fact finding mission”, after apologizing for her comments, which were posted on Instagram in a debate with one of her followers. After much public uproar and the loss of most of her endorsements and deals with large brands, she released a statement retracting the “extremely uninformed” statements she made, which she said she had copied and pasted from a friend in “a feeble attempt to appear smart, without reading them comprehensively”, and with “no real fundamental understanding” of the situation.

Naidoo also said that she “does not wish to make excuses or have people forgive her at this time”. After the meeting with South African BDS movement, she will be visiting Palestine on a programme jointly set out by the organisations ‘South African Jews for a free Palestine’ and ‘South African Council of Churches’ as part of an effort to re-educate herself on the situation in Gaza.

The South African Zionist Federation and South African Jewish Board of Deputies released a joint statement accusing BDS activists of bullying tactics, claiming Naidoo only changed her mind because of death threats. Naidoo did receive death threats, but BDS SA coordinator Muhammed Desai said that his organization condemns all forms of violence, including death threats, and all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism.