IOF sends airstrikes to Gaza, 45 rockets fired at Israel


Israeli airstrikes were carried out in Gaza the early hours of this morning, hitting 25 targets. Buildings were destroyed and three Palestinians lightly injured.

The attack happened after a round of rocket fire from inside Gaza at Israeli territories, which Hamas have said was a response to Israeli airstrikes and live fire earlier this week. Subsequent rounds were fired from boths sides: in total 45 makeshift rockets were launched from Gaza, of which seven were intercepted by anti-missile fire and three fell within Gaza. No Israelis were injured and only light damage of roads and some vehicles was caused.

The IOF claim that their attack was in response to the flying of homemade incendiary kites from Gaza, releasing a statement saying that “The Hamas terror organization is responsible for all events that transpire in and emanate from the Gaza Strip and will bear the consequence.” They threatened further violence, saying they are “prepared to continue operating with increased intensity and with various means in response to these terror attacks.”

No Israelis have been injured by Palestinian rocket fire or kites in the last few weeks. In stark contrast, 127 Palestinians were killed and 3000 injured by live sniper fire during protests on the Gaza border since 30 May. Israel is equipped with one of the most advanced military services in the world, and receives over $3.8 billion of military aid a year from the US alone. Gaza on the other hand has been under blockade by Israel and Egypt since 2008, and have very limited resources to defend themselves. Gaza’s population of 2 million and area of 365km² make it the third most densely populated area on the planet- the impacts of airstrikes here can be devastating.

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