Barghouthi: Israeli bill to criminalize photographing of soldiers “fascist”

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative movement,  Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi on Monday condemned the new bill proposed by the Israeli government, which criminalizes taking photographs and videos of Israeli soldiers and imposing penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

Barghouthi described the bill as a fascist act aimed at hiding the crimes of Israeli occupation soldiers, saying that it aims to further restrict Palestinian civil society organizations and Israeli human rights organizations, and terrorize then in order to prevent them from exposing Israeli crimes.

“It also aims at killing freedom of the press and the media, and comes in the context of a series of fascist and racist laws from the parties of Lieberman, Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett,” he added.

Barghouthi said that it is time for the world to recognize the fascist nature of the racist Israeli occupation regime, which will only be deterred by the imposition of boycott and comprehensive sanctions against it.