Bethlehem : Israeli Settlers cut down 200 trees in Beit Skariya village


Israeli settlers chopped down on Thursday morning hundreds of fully grown trees in a Palestinian land in Beit Sakariya village, southwest of Bethlehem located inside the illegal Gush Etzion settlement in Bethlehem, according to a local activist.

Hassan Breijieh, from the anti-wall and anti-settlements committee in Bethlehem, told PNN in phone call that settlers who belong to the Jewish Price Tag terror group chopped down 200 vine and olive trees in a land that belongs to Jamil Saad and Amer Odeh.

Breijieh added :” this is the second time in two weeks settlers have destroyed trees in that area.

Palestinians are usually not allowed to reach their land located near settlements without an Israeli army permit.

Khirbet Beit Zakariyyah (also Beit Zakariyyah or Khirbet Zakariah) is a small Palestinian village in the West Bank. It is located in between the larger Israeli settlements of Alon Shevut and Rosh Tzurim in the Gush Etzion region.

The Israeli occupation authorities have prevented the residents of the village from building or adding any rooms in their homes, as well as preventing the establishment of a school in the village or expanding it, and preventing the renovation of the mosque or any building in the framework of repressive measures that seek to terrorize citizens and pressure them to leave.

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