White House denies Kushner threatened Kuwait over Pro-Palestine resolution

PNN/ Washington/

The White House has denied accusations that Jared Kushner, Senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, threatened Kuwait at a meeting with the Kuwaiti ambassador in Washington, Salem Abdullah al-Jaber Al Sabah last Thursday.

At the meeting, which Al-Rai newspaper reported as being “short and stormy”, Kushner criticized Kuwait’s recently drafted UN resolution to provide protection to Palestinian’s in Gaza and the West Bank, and according to Middle East Monitor hinting that America had intervened to protect Kuwait from a Qatar-style blockade.The draft was written in response to the recent mass killings of protesters in Gaza by Israeli military.

Kushner said that Kuwait had embarrassed him in front of US diplomats and “friends of America” and interfered with US-Saudi-Egyptian plans for a statement on Gaza. He insisted that Hamas was a “terrorist organization” and claimed that it worked to advance Iran’s interests in the region. He left after thirty minutes, the meeting being concluded by Jason Greenblatt, US envoy to the Middle East.

The Whitehouse has denied that Kushner threatened Kuwait, saying they had “had a very positive meeting at the White House and exchanged views about the Middle East peace process”.

Kuwait’s original draft sent to the security council last week demanded an international protection mission for the Palestinians against live fire from Israel and was voted for by 10 countries including France and Russia but vetoed by the US, a full-time member of the UN security council and the only member to vote against. This vote left the US isolated and exposed it as the only member to support Israel one-sidedly, a source of “annoyance” to Kushner and the Trump administration.