Mahmoud badran (15) was mistakenly executed by Israeli Forces tw

MOFA: Closing investigation files of Palestinian martyrs calls for prompt action by  ICC 

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs and expatriates in a statement on Tuesday said the occupation continues to accelerate closing the investigations files of the crimes committed against Palestinians, in an Israeli attempt to falsely imply that investigations are being conducted, yet after a while the military court issues an order to close the investigation files and acquit those involved under several pretexts they invent.

Moreover, the ministry said that the decision to close the investigation files of the teen martyr Mahmoud Badran, is not the first and certainly will not be the last, there are many martyrs whose investigation files were suddenly closed, including the martyr Lubna al-Hanash, who was killed in 2013, and Israel closed her investigation file in June of 2014.

“The decisions issued by the Military court constitute a clear evidence of the military’s disregard for Palestinian lives,” MOFA said, “especially in light of the military orders which allows soldiers to shoot at Palestinians based on the soldiers’ evaluation,” it added.

The ministry pointed out that the decision to close the files of the investigation against the murderous soldiers sends a dangerous message to the Israeli soldiers to fire at Palestinians as they please.

The closure of the investigation files into the martyrdom of Mahmoud Badran reaffirms the falseness of the occupation’s investigations; which calls for the ICC’s prompt action to open a serious investigation into the crimes of the occupation and its violations, and prosecute Israeli war criminals for their crimes.