Israel to demolish 15 settlement houses, build 350 others

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Today, Israeli Settlers in Netiv Ha’avot Settlement face off with thousands of Israeli border police after High Court of Justice rules 15 homes situated on private Palestinian land are to be demolished. The demolition order was issued after pressure from Israeli group Peace Now.

Israeli citizens joined the settlers to protest what they described as a ‘leftist’ ruling and a ‘sad and painful day for Israel’. They have been asked by community leaders to obey IDF’s central command to only “passively resist” the eviction. Israeli teens have barricaded themselves inside the houses and gathered on the roofs, and placards were put up saying “is this justice” and using biblical quotes to signify their intention to return.

Netanyahu’s pro-settlement government has already granted 60 million NIS to the settlers as compensation, and permission to build 350 homes on a neighboring hilltop.

Meanwhile, Bedouin villagers in the Palestinian Khan al-Ahmer village are also awaiting a demolition- of the only local Palestinian school- after an Israeli court ruling that it was built without a permit. Unlike Israelis, Palestinians do not have a right to protest, even passively, and are met with violence when they do. As Israelis, the settlers of Netiv Ha’atov were allowed to appeal to the High Court. Palestinians do not have this right: two weeks ago, the  Knesset approved the first reading of a bill proposed by the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, to withdraw  the Supreme Court power to discuss the petitions of Palestinian residents of the territories occupied in 1967. The Bedouin villagers will not be given compensation like the settlers, but will instead be forcefully relocated to a camp north of Jericho.