Hundreds of Palestinians march in Ramallah demanding PA to cancel sanctions on Gaza 

Ramallah /PNN/

Hundreds of Palestinians held a protest in Ramallah last night demanding the Palestinian Authority to cancel its sanctions against Gaza, describing these measures as punitive measures against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The participants in the demonstration called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership to lift the sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip, and called for the Implementation of the Palestinian National Council  decisions on Gaza .

The demonstration was organized by a group called “Movement for lifting  sanctions imposed  on Gaza”, a large movement of academics, journalists, writers, artists, prisoners, activists and citizens who decided to break the  silence towards the measures imposed by the Palestinian Authority on the Gaza Strip since March 2017, in addition to ending the Palestinian division and achieving reconciliation.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has called on Hamas on 21/3/2018 to transfer control of the Gaza Strip to Ramallah government saying it was prepared to assume its full responsibilities there, as tensions between the two factions continue to rise, according to the Wafa news agency.

The PA also called on Hamas to hand over the Gaza Strip all at once and affirmed its readiness to take full responsibility for it,” the official PA news site reported.

The statement on 21 of march 2018 came a day after PA President Mahmoud Abbas suggested he would cut all budgets allocated to Gaza, estimated to amount to some $100 million, if the PA was not awarded full control of the coastal enclave

“If everything is in our hands, we will take full responsibility [for Gaza]. If everything is not in our hands, they will have to take full responsibility for everything [in Gaza],” Abbas said in a 20-minute speech at the PA presidential headquarters in Ramallah.


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