Palestinian cabinet marks 51 years of military Occupation

PNN/ Ramallah/

 The Palestinian Cabinet, headed by PM Dr. Rami Al- Hamdallah, marked 51 years of the Israeli colonial army expansion to occupy the West Bank, the Gaza strip and East Jerusalem during the June 1967 aggression.

During its weekly meeting, held in Ramallah yesterday, the Palestinian Cabinet strongly condemned the 1967 illegal Israeli occupation, adding another ongoing catastrophe to the lives of Palestinians through imposing illegal restrictions on citizens, and targeting the core elements of the Palestinian independence, as well as limiting the Palestinian government from achieving its potential. On this occasion, PM Al- Hamdallah stated that he reaffirms “his commitment to the Palestinian nation by stretching the government institutions to serve, engage and endorse the Palestinian resilience on their occupied lands until the achieving of a viable, united and independent Palestinian state.”  

In addition, the Cabinet denounced the reprehensible killing of the 21 years old female paramedic, Razan Najjar by an Israeli sniper while doing her job in Gaza wearing a clearly marked uniform. Upon this, the Palestinian government called all national, regional, and international human rights and health organizations to hold Israel accountable for the killing of Razan Najjar and the targeted crimes against many other Palestinians.

The Palestinian government also denounced the US veto against providing international protection to Palestinians. “We congratulate the Trump administration for standing on the wrong side of history and blocking the international majority’s well and endorsing the Israeli culture of impunity, which violates all UNSC resolutions protecting Palestinian rights in the 1967 and Jerusalem from 242 to recent 2334.”

In the same context, the Palestinian government praised the recent historic efforts of Kuwait and all countries that voted for the protection of our citizens against the brutal occupation army forces.

Concluding its session, the Palestinian Cabinet criticized the draft law allowing the Israeli government to hold Palestinian tax funds and deduct the allocations of prisoners and families of martyrs. The Cabinet finally stressed the Palestinian leadership intentions to resort to international institutions and judiciary, not only to respond to Israeli piracy to Palestinian money, but also to compensate for all that it suffered from due to the ongoing brutal occupation of the Palestinian lands, resources, and humans.