MOFA: Netanyahu’s lies dispelled by the crimes of the occupation and settlers

PNN/ Ramallah/

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is currently on a tour around major European cities with the illusion that he has an ability to market his lies and misleading campaigns and his deliberate falsification of the facts of the conflict through his continuous attempts to marginalize the Palestinian cause and remove it from the priorities of the international community, the Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs said Tuesday.

“With the delusion that he can escape his responsibility from the ongoing siege and destruction and deep humanitarian crises and crimes against Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,” MOFA statement said.

“These Israeli lies are dispelled by what is happening on the ground in the Palestinian land which consists of colonization, Judaization, and grave violations of international law and racist legislations, all of which aim to escalate the process of judaization and annexation of Area (c), through public calls and drafting colonial laws in the Knesset, which reached 18 laws approximately, all of which share a demonic colonialist intent to impose Israeli law on most areas of the occupied West Bank. In addition
to the barbaric aggression by armed settler militias against Palestinian civilians, their properties and schools across the country, as in the old town of Hebron and the Hamsa al-Fawqa in the Jordan Valley and many violations and crimes committed by organized gangs of Jewish terrorism,” statement added.

The Ministry condemned Netanyahu’s misleading lies and deceit, and the crimes of the occupation and the settler gangs against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The ministry also warned of the “dangers of being dragged behind Netanyahu’s false propaganda,” which is trying to drag the region back into wars and violence, and at the same time to eliminate the Palestinian cause and the rights of our people.

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