Israeli settlers attack basic school in Jib al-Theeb

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Settlers from southern Bethlehem settlements early on Monday attacked al-Tahaddi school in the village of Jib al-Theeb, east of Bethlehem, as part of their daily attacks on Palestinian citizens.

In an interview with PNN, head of the Colonization & Wall Resistance Commision in the Bethlehem governorate, Hassan Brejiya, said that dozens of extremist settlers arrived in the vicinity of Al-Tahaddi School in the village, and carried out barbaric and racist acts to terrorize the school students and administration.

According to Berjiya, settlers fired rounds of live bullets in the air, in an attempt to intimidate the students and  citizens who were in the area. In addition, they were shouting racist slogans against the Palestinian citizens.

In reaction, Breijiya stressed that the Palestinian students in the village of Jib al-Theeb have the right to b school and obtain their education without being terrorized.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities had demolished the same school last year, however, it was rebuilt by activists in the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Ministry of Education and representatives of the community.


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