Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces recent Israeli legislation


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates on Thursday released a statement regarding recent Israeli legislation, which it says aims ‘to consolidate and protect the occupation and colonization’.

Referring to the three bills that the Israeli Knesset submitted last week, the Ministry accused Israel of ‘legislating bills aimed at expanding settlements and legitimizing…violations against the Palestinian people’.

The most prominent of these is a draft law that prevents Palestinian access to the Supreme Court. This restriction will reduce legitimate complaints about the theft of Palestinian land, thus aiding the colonial regime. Another law, which plans to criminalize the photography and video recording of Israeli soldiers, ignores the freedom of press and is viewed as an attempt by Israel ‘to conceal its crimes’ and ‘escape international justice’. The final law wishes to grant economic concessions to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The Ministry concluded its remarks by declaring that Palestine needed ‘swift action’ in the Security Council to condemn the illegal laws being pushed through by the Knesset.


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