Kuwait blocks US from condemning Gaza rockets at Security Council

PNN/ New York/

Kuwait on Wednesday has blocked a US draft that would condemn Gaza rockets that were fired on Israel on Tuesday,

Speaking at the session, Kuwait’s representative Mansour Ayyad Al Otaibi did not mention the rocket attacks and instead condemned use of violence “by all sides,”  adding that “Palestinians are the ones that deserve protection not the [Israeli] occupation power.”

He criticised the Israeli occupation and blamed it as the reason behind the recent escalation.

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley called the inaction “outrageous” and described the UN body as “disconnected”.

Haley added that retaliatory Israeli airstrikes on Gaza as “inevitable” and “part of self defence.”

On Tuesday, Gaza fired 28 mortar shells on Gaza enclave settlements to revenge for the killing of three of its members by Israeli artillery attacks last week.

Israel immediately fired back. However, no injuries were reported.

Kuwait, who holds a non-permanent Kuwait holds a non-permanent seat at the council for this cycle, has put forward a resolution that calls for providing international protection to civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories including those in Gaza Strip.

This comes after Israel has killed 118 peaceful protesters in the “Great Return March” protests on the border of Gaza, starting 30 March 2018.