Ministry of Education calls for urgent action to prevent demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Supreme Court  has decided to demolish 200 Palestinian structures and houses at Khan Al Ahmar- Abu el Helu Bedouin community, located in the occupied Jerusalem periphery and in “Area C” for the purpose of constructing new 2,500 illegal settlement units.

This unlawful Israeli plan will forcibly displace 180 Palestinian citizens; whose vast majority is refugees. The demolitions will also target an EU funded school made from tires and mud to serve 170 students from Khan Al Ahmar and other near Bedouin communities.

“Illegal Israeli demolition orders and colonial expansion practices weaken the core components of the Palestinian government, and create a state of disarray, which prevents the government from fulfilling its full duty,” PM Hamdallah said.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s office said “The Israeli occupation is a major obstacle that hinders the Palestinian government’s efforts to empower its society and put citizens first, and ruins its potential to bolster sustainable and balanced development to prosper and achieve the Palestinian aspirations for sovereignty and independence.”

PMO statement added that the time has come now for the whole world to immediately intervene to abide Israel to its legal obligations and take serious actions to stop the demolitions against the Palestinians upon the international law, and Fourth Geneva Conventions articles 49 and 53 and article 147 of the Conventions’ Additional Protocols, as well as possible war crimes under the Rome Statute.

To its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Education & Higher Education  called upon the world community to take urgent action to prevent the demolition, calling upon international human rights organizations defending children’s rights to protect the Palestinian children there and ensure their access to a safe educational environment and stop such policies that aim at displacing Khan al-Ahmar’s residents and depriving their children from receiving education at their school, which was established in 2009 using clay and tires.
In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had condemned the decision, expressing deep disappointment with international community.

“This might be the last time we write about this topic, despite the fact that we have drawn the international community’s attention over and over again about its repercussions not only from the perspective of settlements and home demolitions, whether individual homes or collective compounds but the constant threat to completely surround Jerusalem and separate the West Bank through expanding the settlement of Maali Adumim, and completing “E1”,” MOFA said.

The Ministry added that that is why its action in the Security Council demands that international protection be provided to people under occupation and demands that the Secretary-General of the United Nations adopt the appropriate mechanisms to provide such protection.

The statement concluded by saying the Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, and the American bias should be held fully responsible for colonial expansionist decision and its consequences, the ministry stresses that the international community will witness the Nakba all over again in khan Al-ahmar.