Khaled: Prosecution of Israeli leaders became possible after the referral to ICC


Tayseer Khaled , member of the PLO’s Executive Committee and Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department, has described the referral of the Palestinian situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a qualitative step, adding the Israeli leaders have to be reckoned for the series of crimes they have committed against the Palestinian people under occupation, including settlement crimes.

Khaled said, the targeted of the reckoning and prosecution are all Israeli members of the Knesset, which enacts laws that encourage settlement, and judicial system i.e. the Ministry of Justice, the Court of Justice and other competent courts that discuss and approve the confiscation of public and private Palestinian lands, as well as the PM, Ministers of occupation Army, Housing, Education and others, who lead such activities and allocate large sums of money to establish them, and the military and security officers as they issue orders to demolish the Palestinian properties, and Nir Barkat Municipality in Jerusalem, leaders of the Settlements Council, the local councils of settlements and Jewish Terrorist Organizations, which take settlements and settlement outposts as safe places for their crimes protected by the Israeli army and police.

Lastly, Khaled called for the formation of a Palestinian national commission in order to document and follow-up the occupation and its officials’ crimes, their names and addresses, their involvement, planning and implementation of settlement activities, and keeping such data in a national data bank, available for specialized and experts to assist them filing of indictments at the ICC against Israeli officials involved in encouraging and promoting settlement, which conforms to the level of war crime under the provisions of article VIII of the Statute of the ICC.

Accordingly, they will be brought before the international justice, and the national courts in all democratic countries to deal with them so as to enhance respect for international law and achieve global justice.

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