Abbas’ Health Improving


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly in good health. After being hospitalised three times in the past week, sources close to the 82 year-old leader have said that his condition is improving.

The PLO’s Negotiation Affairs Committee (PLO-NAD) has posted about Dr. Saeb Erekat’s weekend visit to Istishari hospital on its Twitter page. Abbas seems well, and has been able to discuss important political developments in Palestine such as the opening of the Paraguayan Embassy.

The hospital’s director Saed al-Sarahneh also confirmed that his health is reassuring and that all medical tests had come back with normal results.

Rumours spread over the weekend about the President’s condition. Abbas, who underwent treatment in the US in February, has suffered several bouts of ill health this year. Since it is not clear who his political successor will be, the status of his health has significant political ramifications and is therefore the subject of much speculation.

For now, Abbas is set to continue in the role he has held for over a decade.  Photographed recently reading a newspaper and flanked by visitors, the image of health and normality is one he is keen to maintain.

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