Opposition leader in republic of Mauritius : nothing can justify systematic shooting unarmed protesters


In a declaration on the situation in Palestine Xavier-Luc Duval the leader of the Mauritius Social Democrat Party
and leader of the Opposition in republic of Mauritius said that the events of the last days in Palestine are very worrying.

He added :”We strongly condemn the repression and violence perpetrated by the Israeli army against the protesters in Gaza, causing a large number of Palestinian civilian casualties.

We call on Israeli officials to restrain and de-escalate and remind them of the duty to protect civilians, especially minors, and the right of Palestinians to demonstrate peacefully.

He also added that nothing can justify systematic shooting with live ammunition against peaceful and unarmed protesters .

Duval said :”This escalation of violence comes as the United States, in violation of international law, inaugurates their embassy in Jerusalem and recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

We join the international community in a clear position: the status of the Holy City to the three monotheistic religions will only be negotiated between the two parties in accordance with international law.

It is time to truly work for a just solution to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine in accordance with international law and United Nations resolutions, all voted by Mauritius.

We hope that the Government and the people of Mauritius can play a confederating and builder role in Africa and the world to see two States, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in safety on internationally recognized borders, with Jerusalem as capital of the two states.

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