PLO Official: We have to face the false Israeli narrative about the Palestinian Nakba

PNN/ Bethlehem/

In a special interview on the occasion of Marking the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, Tayseer Khaled, who is a member of the PLO’s Executive Committee and Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department, has called for refuting and encountering the Zionist and Israeli narrative on the Nakba, and to narrate our own narrative. 

 “The Nakba has two narratives , the Zionist one that relies on lying and forging facts. The second is Palestinian, which we unfortunately failed to present it to the world public opinion as it happened,” Khaled said. 

 “We must face the Israeli narrative because it is based on lies and the displacement of hundreds a the Balfour Declaration, the Mandate, the ethnic cleansing projects and even after the establishment of the State of Israel and the massacres committed by the Jewish Agency and Zionists to establish Israel,” he added. 

Khaled referred to the “Dalet Plan” adopted by the Zionist Agency at the beginning of 1948, which was entrusted to Haganah with detailed directives, such as killing and terrorizing Palestinian towns and villages, burning homes and property, and laying mines in the rubble to prevent the residents from returning to their homes. In the light of that plan, 800,000 Palestinians were displaced and became refugees, 28 massacres were carried out in 531 towns and villages, on top of which is Deir Yassin

Within the contents, Khaled said, we must present our narrative , along with what Begin and Shamir, who later became PMs of the Israeli governments, said  without Deir Yassin and other massacres, it was impossible to establish our state. Should we present this version to the world, we provide a clear proof on crimes committed by them. The other version shall include the introductions that led to the Nakba. This is the Palestinian version that we think we have failed to present. Thus, the world has trusted the Israeli version that the Palestinians have left their homes in response to calls from abroad

Moreover, Khaled tackled the march of return, noting that the younger generations have shown that they are more adhering to the right of return than anything else, which refutes hopes of the Zionist leaders, who said, the adults forget and the older people die, but what we see is that the young won’t ever make mistakes to compromise on the right of return, and they are committed to the legitimate national and national rights, especially the right of refugees to return. It became clear today that neither Israel nor the US administration could impose a solution on the Palestinians in which the right of return would be waived

Khaled also tackled the US Administration’s decision in reducing the UNRWA’s fund to US $ 65,000,000 of its package. The Palestinians’ reacted on the decision because of their fears about the Palestinian Cause in general. Their fears are justified as the US president declared his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in a precedence that no any other American president tried to do. He said that the issue of Jerusalem has been off the negotiating table. As for the Refugees’ issue and their right to return to their homes has become a decisive one as the Administration dropped it from its consideration. The fact that the US administration is taking its stance on UNRWA due to the Israeli pressure as it believes that the refugee issue is at the heart of the Palestinian issue and its liquidation will lead to the liquidation of the Palestinian Cause, and that can only be made through reducing support to UNRWA

Accordingly, the Palestinians have to take more effective measures at the international and domestic levels. Moreover, they must seek Europe, Arab and Islamic states’ support in order to mobilize more funds for UNRWA and convince donors to increase the UNRWA’s budget. The right of return to their homes and properties is a fixed and sacred right. Thus, the Palestinian Refugees must return to their homeland and all Palestinians shall stand against the American administration’s unjust policy.