Bethlehem: IOF attack Return March ahead of 70th Nakba

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As Palestinians are on the edge of commemorating the 70th Nakba anniversary (exodus), hundreds have participated in the “Return March” north of Bethlehem, raising the Palestinian flags and chanting slogans on the right of return.

The marchers, who included political activists, journalists and organization representatives,  stressed the sanctity of the Palestinian right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees, as the number outgrows the number of non-refugee Palestinians.

Protesters condemned Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next week, saying Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, and calling for justice and the end of occupation.

Protesters also called on ending the illegal expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, as the protest took place in Bethlehem city, which is annexed by the wall and Abu Ghneim settlement, south of Jerusalem.

Shortly into the march, dozens of Israeli soldiers broke into the area, and opened teargas towards the protesters.

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مباشر مسيرة العودة ببيت لحم

Posted by PNN Network on Thursday, May 10, 2018