Tayseer Khaled Calls for Implementing the Decisions of the Palestinian National Council


It was agreed during the last session of the National Council that this will be the last session of the Palestinian National Council, and that the next meeting will have only 350 members,” said Tayseer Khaled , member of the Executive Committee of the PLO

In an interview with local radio station Raya , Khaled said that 150 members of the council will be from the West Bank, including Jerusalem and Gaza, and 200 from the refugees camps and diaspora. The number of members of the National Council is currently close to 800, 103 of whom were adopted during the last session
In another context, the member of the Executive Committee stressed that the decision to delegate the powers of the National Council to the Central Council does not mean an open authorization, but when necessary, that it is restricted and will only be in cases of necessity, and that there were guarantees in this regard
Khalid stressed that the National Council stopped the issue of the need to activate the institutions of the PLO and to respect and implement the decisions issued by the PNC , and not remain on the shelf
On the issue of security coordination, Tayseer Khaled stressed that “it cannot be accepted and that our people have no interest in it.” He added : “Israel has repudiated the agreements signed with the PLO. “We are concerned with providing security to our citizens and we are not interested in providing security for the occupation army or the settlers
Khaled stressed that the situation in Gaza and the International Criminal Court did not fall out of the final statement of the 23rd session of the National Council. There were clear decisions regarding these topics . It stressed the need to stop and cancel any measures affecting citizens and employees in Gaza. Furthermore the PNC call Prosecutor Fatu Bensuda to refer all war crimes committed by Israel to the Judicial Division and to initiate a judicial investigation against Israeli war criminals involved in the war on the Gaza Strip and those involved in settlement crimes

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