MOFA: Occupied Jerusalem is a daily victim of the gloomy  Trump declaration

PNN/ Ramallah/

In preparation for the revival of the so-called “Jerusalem Day”, the anniversary of Israel’s occupation of the Holy City, the Jewish settlers colonial institutions; funded by the Israeli government, launched posters to promote for the participation in the “marches of flags” and the mass protests which will raid Al-haram al Sharif on the upcoming 13th and 14th of May, including the marches in the Old City of Jerusalem, which resemble the reoccupation of the Holy City. Among these posters is a poster promoted by the so-called “Temple Organizations” calling for the allocation of a day for the occupation of the Holy City, and turning the day in which Jerusalem was occupied into (a new historic station) from the Israeli point of view, by allowing more than 2,000 extremist Jews to invade the fortresses of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Palestinian ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the successive waves of Judaization of the Occupied East Jerusalem and the calls to organize provocative marches in it, which hold the  American administration and the Government of Israel full responsibility of these grave Violations of international law, international legitimacy and its resolutions.

“The Ministry calls on the Security Council to defend its credibility and its dependence from the
American veto, to assume it’s moral and legal responsibilities towards the Palestinian people in
general and occupied East Jerusalem in particular, and to accelerate the implementation of the UN
resolutions on the situation in Palestine,” MOFA said in a statement.

“World countries occasionally condemn and denounce colonization with no further action,and
the international community has failed to penalize Israel as an occupying power for its violations and
crimes, as well as not implementing the relevant UN resolutions, consequently, the settler’s government in Tel Aviv is proceeding its serious violations of international law, the Geneva Conventions,and international humanitarian law,” it concluded.

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