The Illegal Settlement of Gilo in East Jerusalem. Source PressTV

Report: New military orders to facilitate settlement expansion in West Bank

By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

The Israeli occupation army has recently begun to publish new military orders and decisions that facilitate settlement operations on Palestinian land, and it complicates efforts to confront them as the new military orders enable settlers to deploy in the West Bank and prevent advertisement on that in the Arab media. Deputy Minister of the Israeli Army, Eli Ben Dahan is looking for a new order that prevent any announcement about settlement projects in the Arab newspapers. Thus, doing so, an effective tool would be broken-down a room the hands of the Palestinians, added Dahan.

Within the context, it was also revealed that the house of the former Israeli military prosecutor Lieutenant Colonel, (Morris Hersh in the West Bank, was built illegally on private Palestinian land in the Efrat settlement near Bethlehem, where it was found that he bought the house in 2012, after the Supreme Court’s decision and shortly before his appointment as head of the Military Prosecution in the West Bank. According to the sources of the National Bureau, construction began in 1994, without permits and without appearing in the map of the construction of the Efrat settlement, where the occupation authorities allocated to the company that built the house, “government land” in the settlement of Gush Etzion, south of Bethlehem.

The judicial system in Israel is an integral part of the occupation. The so-called Supreme Court of Israel gave the residents of the Bedouin east of occupied Jerusalem until next Thursday to find alternative housing for their current houses there. Otherwise, they will be transferred to the “Ein e-Shams area” near Abu Diss town, at the same time it asked the lawyer to offer alternative housing to be approved by the “State,” but if it rejected it, a final decision will be issued to expel the residents of the community by the end of the last week of the school year.

The National Bureau for the Defense of Land and Settlement Resistance said that the crime of displacing the population of the Bedouin community in the Red Khan, east of occupied Jerusalem, falls within the framework of settlement plans aimed at expanding settlements in the eastern part of occupied Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea, which intends to end the Palestinian presence in Area C.

Within the context, the Zandberg Committee headed by Judge, Hayeh Zandberg proposed to legitimize thousands of settlement units built on private Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. The proposal of the committee is based on the principle of “market regulation” in Israeli property laws, which allows the approval of transactions conducted in good faith and under certain conditions, even if there are some loopholes. This means the laundering of thousands of settlement buildings in various settlements in the occupied West Bank. The committee also proposed building bridges or digging tunnels in the private Palestinian territories surrounding the settlements and settlement outposts located on hills, mountains or valleys, which can’t be linked to or paved roads because they are surrounded by not a State land i.e. the so-called the Airy Islands, and to expand settlements to

exceed the boundaries of the land defined as the land of a state, and to refrain from demolishing any house in the settlements, even those built in a way that is contrary to Israeli law, and that means whitening 7,000 settlement units in the occupied West Bank.

While Israeli occupation police initiated activities of an Israeli camp in Jewish schools, including shooting  training Jewish schoolchildren to shoot at dolls with pictures of Palestinians wearing kufiyeh.

The Israeli occupation authorities intend to open a new crossing to the north-east of Jerusalem near the “Anatot settlement camp” and to rehabilitate a wide road network linking the settlements in the West Bank with occupied Jerusalem. This broad network of roads comes to consolidate the annexation of the largest bloc in the center of the West Bank under the “Greater Jerusalem Plan”, which includes about 10 to 13% of the West Bank, by annexing the settlement bloc “Maale Adumim” that extends to the Dead Sea.

Within the context of racist laws, the Knesset approved in the first reading a National Law, which defines Israel as a state of the Jews and Jerusalem as its capital. It also defines the symbols of the state and uses Hebrew date in official transactions. The draft undermines the status of Arabic and transforms it from an official language into an ordinary one. It also provides the Jewish communities with a special place to prevent Arabs from living there. The laws also state that the State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people and that the right to self-determination in the State of Israel is merely limited to the Jews.