MOFA calls on int’l community to abandon double standards on Jewish terrorism

PNN/ Ramallah/

Anti-Semitic acts practiced by extremist Jewish groups against Palestinian citizens, lands, and properties is escalating in a joined cooperation between the occupation army and the armed settler militias,” The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said in a statement on Wednesday.

“While the occupation forces control hundreds of Palestinian donums for settlements construction purposes, the settler militias attack and destroy Palestinian property, the latest of which was carried out by the occupation forces in the village of “Bardala” in the northern valleys, where they swept hundreds of olive trees and various crops located in 35 donums of lands threatened with confiscation, moreover, a gang of settlers burned two vehicles in the in Nazareth and wrote racist slogans on walls,” statement said.

The Ministry, condemned the “escalating organized Jewish terrorism,” and held the Israeli Government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu and its various military and security branches full responsible for this dangerous escalation and its consequences.

“The Ministry affirms that while unarmed Palestinians are being prosecuted and arrested for their thoughts, perspectives, and dreams, the Israeli government provides settlers with political, legal, security and financial protection and contributes to the spread of this violent Jewish extremism through public inflammatory statements and positions issued by the ruling coalition in Israel against the Palestinians,” statement said.

The Ministry called upon the international community to abandon the double standards policy of dealing with radicalism in its various forms, and demands it to hold its political, legal and moral responsibilities in the face of organized Jewish terrorism practiced against [Palestinian] people before it is too late.

“The continuation and escalation of this aggression leads to drag the arena of conflict to more tension and explosion, and threatens a long-term religious war has unbearable consequences,” it concluded.