MOFA: Twitter’s reaction to Smotrich degrades US claims of respecting human rights

PNN/ Ramallah/

The escalation of the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people coincides with the increasing violent incitement campaign against the Palestinians, including encouraging Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinians,  the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign affairs said on Wednesday in response to Israeli MK who tweeted that teenager activist, Ahed Tamimi, should have been shot in the kneecap.

“The Israeli right wing is racing to deepen the culture of hatred, and racism by launching a wide range of provocative statements in the different media outlets,” statement said, “in addition to praising snipers who target unarmed Palestinians participating in the peaceful Return Marches, also, intensifying the expropriation of the Palestinian land and the property of Palestinian citizens, their homes and trees by settlers.”

“The most recent incident was the ultra- orthodox MK Bezalel Smotrich’s repulsive tweet: “Ahed Tamimi should have been shot instead of imprisonment” indicating that a bullet would keep her captive for life; which reaffirms the dark mindset that Smotrich represents, Smotrich has a long history of extremism and incitements, and the founder of “Regavim” the Association that leads a campaign to evacuate area C. This lethal tweet prompted Twitter’s administration to close Smutirich’s account for 12 hours as a punitive measure, which was met with international silence.” MOFA responded.

The Ministry strongly condemned the Israeli incitement campaigns against Palestinian people and its leadership, it also strongly condemned Smotrich’s statements, and deplored the absence of the US response towards this public Israeli incitement to kill Palestinian children, knowing that the US administration used to attack what they call the “Palestinian incitement” like what the American ambassador to Tel Aviv, David Friedman, claimed on more than one occasion that attempted to mislead the public opinion that linked US aid with stopping Palestinian incitement.

This goes along with the statement of Trump’senvoy for international negotiations, “Jason Greenblatt,” in continuous confirmation on the blind American ideological bias towards Israel and its crimes.