Ministry of Info. says Israeli attacks on printing houses are an act of piracy

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Ministry of Information in the Palestinian National Authority has considered that the attack made on Sunday by the Israeli army on El-Safa Modern Printing house in the town of Beit Annan, northwest of Jerusalem, as “piracy.”

In a statement, the ministry said that the attack comes in the context of incitement against the institutions of the Palestinian media which affected about 18 printing houses in various areas of the Palestinian Authority in 2016 and 2017.

The ministry added in its statement that the repeated claims by the Israeli occupation about the so-called “incitement” and ” practice of terrorism” against our media, institutions and printing houses have become an Israeli approach.

The statement urged the Arab and international media to “publish and translate the calls for incitement and hate, which are adopted by the Israeli media, and control the minds of the extremists who look for an opportunity to destroy the Palestine people and launch all forms of aggression.”