Israeli officer who shot dead Palestinian teen gets nine months in prison

The Jerusalem District Court today has sentenced an Israeli officer who shot dead a Palestinian teen only to nine months in prison.

On Nakba day, 15 May 2014, Israeli officer, Ben Dery shot dead 17-year-old Palestinian teen, Nadeem Nuwara at the Betuia checkpoint near Ramallah.

Only today, the officer was sentenced to nine months in jail and a 50,000 shekel fine for “negligence and causing severe bodily harm” instead of manslaughter.

In reading out the sentence, the Israeli Judge called the accused’s act “severe,” saying that the “degree of negligence was significant and calls for prison time, adding that he had no previous criminal record and that he was “an excellent officer who was conscientious about orders.”

The shooting was documented by CCTV cameras where the clashes took place.

On that day,  Dery’s company was stationed in several places in Betunia. At 11 A.M. – together with other Border Police officers from his unit – Dery was on a terrace overlooking the road leading from Beitunia to the West Bank separation barrier and the checkpoint located there.

The family has been going to court since then, and only today the Israeli court made its judgement.