Israeli supreme court hearing on 116 martyr bodies ends with no decision

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli Supreme Court on Tuesday held a hearing for petitions filed for the National Campaign for Returning Martyrs’ Bodies  through the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center’s lawyers.

The petitions include a total of 116 cases of detained martyrs since 1990 till 2008.

The petition was submitted by the Center in 2016. The last hearing for the cases was held on 22/3/2017, and today’s session is the second to discuss the case.

The lawyer of the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights, Suleiman Shahin, said that the Israeli prosecution is pursuing the method of procrastinating the file by claiming that it needs to establish a body inside the army to search for the burial sites of the bodies of martyrs.

The hearing was adjourned without any court decision and is expected to be issued within several days.

Shahin pointed out that there had been no high expectations from the court, especially that Judge Solberg is  a settler living in the West Bank, after the retirement of the former President of the Court, who presided over the court sessions since the beginning of legal work in the file.

It is worth mentioning that this position of the court is a retreat from its previous positions, which recognized Israeli negligence in the issue of documenting of Palestinian martyr bodies, and that the courts morally and legally obliged to examine the largest number of graves and compare the bodies of the DNA bank, where it pledged in writing before the court, the moment.