Fatah condemns Israeli war crimes in Gaza & Albatsh Assassination in Malaysia

PNN/ Ramallah/

 The Palestinian National Liberation Movement, Fatah, has strongly condemned the ongoing war crimes and acts of terror perpetrated by the Israeli occupying forces, upon the orders and instructions of the military leadership and Israeli political leadership, against Palestinian civilians participating in the “March of Return” in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement issued by the Media, Culture, and Intellectual Advancement Commission on Saturday, the Fatah Movement also condemned the assassination of professor and researcher Fadi Albatsh in Malaysia early this morning.

“His execution indicates that Israel has returned to its policy of assassination in various capitals of the world, which constitutes a major crime and violation of the sovereignty of the State in which the assassination was committed,” statement said.

The Fatah Movement urgently called on the world community to hold Israel accountable and impose necessary punishment for its deliberate killings.

“There is no room for a “balanced position” in the face of war crimes and acts of terror,” statement added. “What is required is for the world to abide by and apply the law and confront and punish Israel.

The Fatah Movement commended the sacrifices of the Palestinian people everywhere, and reaffirmed the need to continue the struggle to achieve national independence of the State of Palestine and restore the rights of our people.

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