MOFA: Israel’s daily colonial measures require a daily response to expose them

PNN/ Ramallah/

In an official statement on Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Israeli forces intensify their continuous aggression and provocative measures against Palestinians during national or religious occasions, in order to paralyze the lives of Palestinians and weaken the national economy and determination of Palestinians.

“This is done through imposing road closures in the OPT, in addition to the military reinforcement in the streets of East Jerusalem along with other repressive measures as part of a systematic policy of collective punishment against helpless Palestinians for “security reasons”which is a weak allegation without providing any evidence, within the frame work of imposing Israeli sovereignty on massive part of the OPT in a flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions and international law.” the statement said.

The Ministry added it believes these never-ending measures indicate three facts: First: the occupation have been granted full “immunity”, and rebellion against international law. As long as Israel is protected by the US, they won’t stop committing these unjustified crimes. Second: The international community has become accustomed to these colonial measures against the unarmed Palestinians. It seems that the daily Israeli measures no longer raise the concerns of the international community, even the massacres that Israel keeps committing against the people in Gaza, they were not enough to raise the international concern, which encourages Israel to move forward in punishing the Palestinians. Third: 50 years have passed since 1967, and a new generation was born into this reality, yet somehow, our people have become accustomed to these measures. Even officials, civil society organizations no longer raise these issues not even in the media because they are daily practices.

“The local newspaper is flooding with daily news of aggression that violate the Palestinians rights, road closures, arrests, demolitions and attacks, etc,” statement concluded. “The image of this brutal occupation with the aim of humiliating the Palestinian people and forcing them to submit to their actions.” it added.

The Ministry stressed that a national team of volunteers is required to take this important issue seriously and take full responsibility for it, and follow it on social media daily.even if it keeps happening, but will we have volunteers willing to take on this responsibility?