Thousands of Palestinians protest in solidarity with prisoners 

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Thousands of Palestinians on Tuesday morning went out to the streets to mark the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, in different cities of the West Bank and Gaza.

In Bethlehem, national, rights and feminist organizations, in addition to school students, had gathered in a protest headed towards 300 Israeli Military Checkpoint, raising Palestinian flags and photos of long-term serving prisoners, demanding their immediate release.

In Nablus, at 11 am, a central march was launched, heading towards the Martyrs Square in the center of the city. In Jenin as well, at the same hour, a massive march was launched in the streets of the city to commemorate the day.

In the Gaza Strip, the national and Islamic forces and prisoners’ institutions called upon the Palestinian people to participate in a sit-in protest, which will be held in Al-Khayyam area near the eastern border of the Strip at 5:30 pm today.

On Monday, the torch of freedom was lit at Khaduri University in Tulkarem in the presence of official and popular, and this marked the launch of the activities of the prisoner day.

For his part, spokesman for the prisoners and ex-prisoners’ committee, Hassan Abed Rabbo said that the message on this day was to guarantee the legitimate and international rights of the Palestinian people, and delivering their message of national struggle and resistance against the occupation.

“The prisoners are a national icon and a source of pride for our people and we must emphasize the legitimacy of their struggle for freedom and salvation from the occupation,” Abed Rabbo said in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio on Tuesday morning, rejecting American and Israeli attempts to describe them as terrorists.

On a related matter, Palestinian ambassador to the Netherlands, Rawan Abu Yousef, said that with instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a legal and political paper was sent to the International Criminal Court on the prisoners to demand that all actions and events within the scope of the court be provided through protection and activation of accountability tools.

Abu Yousef added that a number of documents were sent to the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch Foreign Ministry and civil society, including an explanation on the issue of prisoners and their suffering in Israeli jails. She pointed to a meeting to be held next week with international criminal and Dutch national figures to demand more positions on the issue of prisoners.

#Breaking: Hundreds gather in Bethlehem in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners International Day for Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners

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