Report: Israel using new ways to seize lands in Jerusalem 

 By: Madeeha Araj/ NBPRS/

The Israeli government still exploits the American administration’s position on Jerusalem as it has recognized the city as the capital of the Israel in order to seize more its property in tricky way. Within the context of completing the Judaization of the city through ethnic cleansing policy as the occupation and its municipality in Jerusalem intend to start new ways of stealing absentees’ properties and registering it in the “Tabo.”  Besides, the municipality plans to transfer large sums to the Israeli treasury and its own as it claims that 90% of the land in East Jerusalem is not registered in the Tabo, which cause problems in obtaining building permits and other problems related to the contracts of sale and purchase. The Tabo here is a kind of formal ownership bonds that proves owning of the land, which even prevents the courts from having any other decision on it.

There is a fear that one of the potential consequences of land registration in the Tabo is the cancellation of many contracts of purchasing the land, as well as, tax pursuant of the Jerusalemites. Citizens in East Jerusalem also fear that the Israeli authorities and the municipality will transfer more land to Jews and settlement associations, especially those that the non-registered ones. Knowing that the occupation doesn’t permit the registration of any land owned by Palestinians located in the neighborhoods of the occupied city or the villages and towns surrounding them it.

In Jerusalem, the “Ateretat Kohenim” settlers seized 2 houses in the Batan al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli occupation police and accompanied by Israeli police officers. The settler association claimed that the settlers owned the land on which the houses were built in 1899, and therefore demanding the return of the land and the confiscation of Palestinian homes. The occupation evacuated a house in the Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the interest of settlement associations. This expropriation comes in the context of the increase in the number of settlement outposts and their spread in the Silwan area that is closest to Al-Aqsa, which recently witnessed the seizure of several buildings, houses and real estate under support from the institutions of the occupation.

Israeli occupation forces continued their Judaic excavations at the Yusufiya Cemetery adjacent to the historic wall of Jerusalem on both sides of the Lion Gate, which closed the road that connects the Sahira Gate with it. The occupation municipality in Jerusalem has placed a large sign in the area explaining that the road is closed under the pretext of maintenance and excavation works to establish a park adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The property of the historical Islamic Yusufiya Ccemetery extends over an area of ​​14 dunums, from the Burj al-Laqlaq area north to the Lions Gate in the south. The Jerusalem municipality also carried out deep excavations, which reached the ancient buildings close to the Lions Gate.

The Israeli Ministry of Housing and Construction plans to build 1,600 settlement units in the northeast of the occupied city of Jerusalem. The units will be distributed to a number of projects at the Navi Yakov and Jiba’t Benjamin in C areas adjacent to Palestinian neighborhoods and villages, which are close to the Arab neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city and will cut it off, thus, the people of Hazma and Al-Ram villages will remain in isolated areas.

Within the context of the policy of restricting the citizens in Hebron governorate and forcing them to leave their land, the Israeli occupation forces demolished the Zanuta Basic Mixed School in the Bedouin community east of Al-Dhahiriya town, south of Hebron. The school has 43 students, including 10 children in kindergartens, as well as a number of teachers. The school includes 6 rooms, facilities and a health unit.

In its latest report issued at the end of the week, UN documented the closure and demolition of 15 buildings in C Area and the occupied Jerusalem under the pretext of having no building permits, of the affected communities was Zanuta area to the south of Hebron. Moreover, 2 buildings of a primary school with 24 students were also seized. The report of the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs indicated that 44 primary schools of which 36 in C Area C and 8 in East Jerusalem currently serve about 5,000 children are exposed to risk of demolition or seizure under the same pretext. On the other hand, pay the price gangs set to fire the Sheikh Sa’ada Mosque in the West Bank, Aqraba town. They wrote racist slogans and revenge at the main entrance of the mosque.

The National Bureau has considered such crimes committed by the settlers are encouraged by incitement of the Israeli government, which sponsors the terror of the settlers and establishes settlements and protect them, as it considered them as one of its arms. The Bureau called for providing international protection to the Palestinian people, land and holy sites, and to hold the occupation government fully responsible for these terrorist and criminal practices carried out by the settlers.