Jerusalem: Construction works in continue "Maaleh Adumim" settlement.

New Settlement Plans in Jerusalem & Hustle Passover Celebrations Throughout The Occupied Territories

Jerusalem /PNN/

The PLO’s affiliated National Bureau for Defending the Land and Resisting Settlement Office said that new settlement plans supported by the American administration, and the settlers celebrate the Passover celebrations in Jerusalem. In its weekly report, the Bureau noted that the Israeli orthodox settlers took advantages of Jewish holidays to exploit the Palestinian territories, where the settlement associations supported by the Israeli ministries and organizations intensify breaking into the ruins, springs and nature reserves in the Passover using the term their historic heritage in the 1967’s aggression.

In Sebastia, the occupation stormed the town, removed the signs put by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in cooperation with the Sebastia Municipality in the archaeological sites and destroyed them. It has also surrounded the site by barbed-wire fence to prevent access of citizens, similar acts took place in the Haram Rama area in Hebron, and in the Samoua town, where settlers performed a Talmudic rituals in a Roman church there in conjunction with a public relations campaign and huge banners scattered over the bypass roads calling on the Israelis to support the right’s endeavors to impose Israeli sovereignty over the occupied West Bank.

For its part, the “Israeli Regional Committee for Organization and Building” approved the new structural plan of the settlement built on the Green Line near the Wadi Fokin village in Bethlehem that included 5700 housing units to house about 29,000 settlers.

Bureau resources said that the Jerusalem Occupation Municipality plans to build 1,045 new housing units in several settlements in Jerusalem after the municipal committee approved the construction of 3,000 new units in the Gilo settlement two weeks ago. Within the context, the weekly “Kol Haer” newspaper reported that the “Tsarfti Shimon Construction Co.” started to establish a new settlement project in the “Pisgat Zeev settlement” last week that consists of 92 housing units in 4 buildings near the Street 90. Moreover, Aharon Co. finished marketing of 65 housing units in the “Park Project in “Pisgat Ze’ev.

Palestinian expert, Khalil Tufakji, said that the occupation Ministry of Construction and Housing has drawn up a plan to establish 1,600 settlement units northeast of the occupied city of Jerusalem as part of a number of settlement projects to be implemented after Jewish holidays next week. Tafkaji, a map and settlement expert at Orient House added that the plan “Bridging the Gaps and Linking the Existing Settlements” is not new and was prepared to cut off communication between occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank in order to prevent territorial contiguity.

The National Bureau considered the American ambassador to Israel, David Friedman’s participation in the Passover in the Al-Buraq Wall as a surpass of all the diplomatic norms practiced by him against our people as he violates the international law and resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly.

On the other hand, the “Azurim Co.” implemented a project in the “Moshe Elite settlement ” that consists of 221 housing units of which includes 91 housing units was completed, built on 55 donums including a park area of 16 donums. The project costs about NIS 7,000,000. Dunah Co. also implements the Dono Gilo project in the Gilo settlement, and announced that 64% of the 113 housing units in the project will be marketed in 5ive buildings, each consists of 10 floors.

Ehud Span, deputy general manager of the Co. said this is an area where large projects have not been completed long ago. For its part, “Euro Israel Co” announced the selling of 20 housing units at the “Euro-Pisgat Zeev” project in “Pisgat Ze’ev” settlement that includes 122 housing units. The company implemented 4 settlement projects, 2 of which in the Pisgat Zeev settlement, the third in the Abu-Ghnem Mountain and the last in the Nabi Ya’aqov settlement. The so-called Israeli Culture Minister, Miri Regev, vowed to build 500 settlement units in the Har-Bracha settlement near Nablus city next My. Meanwhile, 1,200 new settlement units are being built near the Karnei Shamron settlement, north of Nablus.

Within this context, the Israeli occupation government defies the international law as it continues to build new sections of the Apartheid Wall around the Azzun Al-Atma town, southeast of Qalqilya, in an attempt to impose a de facto position on the ground and to fix the wall, with a width of 50-70 m. and isolates 2000) donums out of the 9400 donums town’s land.

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