Israel officials threaten to assassinate Hamas leaders in Gaza


Israeli officials have threatened to assassinate Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip in order to deter the Great March of Return demonstrations.

Former Israeli MK Moti Yogev told Channel 7 that the “terror leaders” in Gaza must be assassinated, noting that they are the leaders of Hamas.

Meanwhile, MK Nissan Slomiansky was reported saying to the same channel: “There is no choice except the ouster of Hamas government in Gaza.”

Deputy Israeli Defence Minister Eli Ben-Dahan threatened to wipe Hamas out and end its rule in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported yesterday that an Israeli commander threatening to attack Hamas targets and facilities in Gaza if demonstrations being held as part of the Great March of Return did not stop.

“The [Israeli] security institution will not allow the Great March of Return to change from weekly demonstrations near the border fence to a battle and a lengthy war of attrition,” Haaretz reported the commander saying.

According to Quds Press, the paper said the Israeli army accused Hamas of organising the demonstrations which are expected to reach their peak on 15 May, the day on which Palestinian mark the Nakba – the catastrophe which saw them forced out of their homes and led to the creation of Israel.

Some 32 Palestinians have been killed since 30 March when the Right of Return March was launch. A further 2,850 were injured.

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