PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled. Source:

Tayseer Khaled Calls for Referring Gaza’s Crimes to the UN General Assembly in An Extraordinary Session


Tayseer Khaled , member of the PLO’s Executive Committee , Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department called to refer the crime of killings committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, to a special session held in the UN General Assembly in order to issue a resolution for forming an international investigation committee to deal with such crimes.

Khaled added, based on the UNs’ Charter, the General Assembly has the right under its resolution no. 377-D-5 entitled the title “United for Peace, dated back to Nov. 3rd, 1950, to convene an “extra-ordinary session” in case of any act of aggression against humanity, and that the Security Council is unable to act due to a negative vote by a permanent member, thus, the General Assembly has to issue recommendations to the members soon to take collective actions in order to maintain and/or restore international peace and security.

He stressed that the delayed role played by the USA and its blind bias to Israel and its expansionist policy and crimes committed against the Palestinians living under occupation, particularly in the Gaza Strip, as was the case at the UN Security Council’s last meeting in early April, and the statements by a number of the American administration’s last meeting against the Palestinian leadership that require full cooperation with the Arab League and all brotherly and friendly countries that love justice, equality and peace in order to investigate the crimes of killing of 30 people and injuring thousands others throughout the last week, and the to establish an international commission of inquiry for investigating the excessive use of lethal force and snipers to kill the civil and peaceful demonstrators.

Worth mentioning here that local, Israeli and international organizations are preparing reports to present them to the International Criminal Court (ICJ) on the recent crimes to be added to other files of war crimes perpetrated by the occupation forces against the Palestinian citizens in the occupied Palestinian territories occupied in the 1967 aggression.

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