PA :The Israeli government bears full responsibility for renewing killing orders of the “Return March’” protesters


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the Israeli military forces orders to fire live bullets on the Palestinian protesters participating in peaceful demonstrations that allow snipers and soldiers on the borders to kill Palestinians as they

The ministry also strongly condemns Netanyahu and his coalition’s bragging about the heinous massacre that took place last Friday; which led to the martyrdom of 17 and left more than 1500 unarmed Palestinians wounded, in a public colonial attempt to mislead the public and justify the massacre, the Israeli forces gave instruction to shoot at armed Palestinians only, from
a distance of 300 meters from the fence, to give the impression that the Israelisoldiers only kill Palestiniansforself-defense, at
the same time, it’s justification mechanism to prepare for future massacres.

The Ministry is following with great concern the latest updates of Israeli violations on the ground. The ministry will continues its political and diplomatic mobility at all levels, both in the United Nations, including the Security Council and the General
Assembly, to achieve President Mohammad Abbas demands to activate the international protection system for our people. In
addition to the formation of a UN commission of inquiry into the massacre committed by the occupation forces last Friday.

Including the Palestinian request for an emergency session of the League of Arab States at the level of delegates in order to deepen and activate the joint Arab action plan.

The Ministry calls upon all countries and the UN in forefront to adopt the Palestinian demands to stop the Israeli violations and crimes to protect our people, and the peaceful marches in the Gaza Strip in particular, in order for the UN to save its remaining credibility.

It’s illogical that the Security Council remain hostage to the positions of the American administration and “Haley’s” wishes that violate international law and contradict the foundation that the UN, and its resolutions concerning Palestine is based on.

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