PLO executive Committee member, Tayser khaled.Source:

Tayseer Khaled : The Land Day Gave Palestine Its National and Historical Identity


A PLO official has saluted the Palestinian people in Palestine, Diaspora and throughout the entire world, who are currently preparing to mark the Land Day, which gave Palestine its real national and historical identity as a price for their suffering and sacrifices that symbolize the inseparable fateful relationship between them and their land, which the Israeli governments and leaders of the Zionist Movement try to fabricate its history according to novel derived from the myths and sayings of soothsayers, and to serve its aggressive settlement expansionist anti-peace policy.

Tayseer Khaled , who is a member of the PLO’s Executive Committee and Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department, stressed that our conflict with the colonial occupation was and still is over the land, as its policy is based on confiscation of land and displacement of its indigenous Palestinian people from it, as well as, depriving them from their basic civic, national, political and humanitarian rights.

Besides committing ethnic cleansing crimes against them and their land starting from the British Mandate during the Nakba i.e. (catastrophe of 1948) through the Israeli Ministry of the Interior’s projects, which was and still work today to seize and judaize more land from Galilee, and the Netanyahu government policy to intensify settlement and undermine any opportunity to establish an independent Palestinian state.

Khaled added that the commemoration of the 42nd anniversary of the Land Day is not only to welcome the great events of March 30th, 1976, but also to defend our land and people rights in the face of Israeli war supported and encouraged by Trump’s administration that intends to impose unfair settlement plan for the Palestinian Cause through the century’s deal, which offs Jerusalem and the Palestinian refugees from the negotiations table, liquidate the UNRWA that provides services to 5,000,000 in more than 711 schools and 143 health clinics in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, and to recognize the addition of 10 -`15% of the settlement blocs in the West Bank to Israel, where the Palestinian State will be established in the Gaza Strip, A & B areas, and some C areas without any sovereignty.

Moreover, keeping the territorial waters, space and electromagnetic waves under the full control of the Israeli Occupation State.

Accordingly, Khaled called on the Palestinian leadership and the PLO’s committee to hold a series of meetings to discuss the requirements for holding a the Palestinian National Council including all political and societal spectrums, to renew legality of all bodies at the PLO, to agree on a national roadmap, to create political atmosphere for the implementation of the Palestinian Central Council and the Executive Committee’s resolutions, to stop the security coordination with the occupation state, to disengage from the occupation, and to transfer the file of settlement to the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court (ICJ), and asking them to hold their responsibilities in pressing Israel to respect and comply with their resolutions, including resolution 2334 of 2007, and call on the General Prosecutor of the ICJ, Mrs.

Vatto Banasoda to immediately take action against the settlement crimes in Jerusalem and its surroundings, as well as other West Bank areas. We call on her to start reckoning those responsible for such crimes in the Israeli government, Knesset and army, and to bring them before the international justice.