IOF use new drone technology drops tear gas on Gaza protesters


Israeli Occupation Forces used a drone for the first time to dropped tear gas from sky onto Palestinian protesters in Gaza on Friday.

Demonstrators and eyewitnesses said yesterday that the occupation army was used a drone to dropped tear gas Which led to  many Palestinians injury.

An AFP correspondent saw a drone release around 10 gas canisters as protesters on the border with Israel cursed the small craft.

A number of people were injured by the containers, which fell from a height of between 10 and 20 meters (30-60 feet), the correspondent said.

Israeli Occupation Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said:”It was used a few weeks ago around the Gaza Strip area and it is also being used today, in order to prevent protesters getting to the Gaza crossing or Gaza border,”.

“It’s a mini-drone which has the capability of flying over certain zones and certain areas and then letting go of tear gas in areas that we want to prevent protesters from reaching.”

Israeli Occupation Forces regularly use tear gas to disperse Palestinian protesters, whether thrown by soldiers or fired from specially equipped vehicles.

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