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IFSW Executive Censures the Israeli Union of Social Workers


The IFSW Global Executive has issued a censure to its member The Israeli Union of Social Workers for not acting as an independent voice of the profession in Israel or working in accordance with the Federation’s Statement of Ethical Principles. This action follows correspondence and discussions where the IUSW has stated that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an end to the occupation is not a social work issue.

IFSW has stated that social workers work towards peace, and when it is safe to do so, they have a duty to advocate for the rights of all peoples. The censure is in place until July 2018 when the matter can be discussed further at the IFSW world General Assembly.

The following censure was issued to the Israeli Union of Social Workers on 26th March 2018:

“The IFSW Executive is concerned that the IFSW Member the Israeli Union of Social Workers does not exercise an independent social work voice that is consistent with the Federation’s policies and in particular the Statement of Ethical Principles 4.1.1

“Respecting the right to self-determination – Social workers should respect and promote people’s right to make their own choices and decisions, irrespective of their values and life choices, provided this does not threaten the rights and legitimate interests of others.”

The IFSW Executive therefore issues an official censure under the regulation of the IFSW By-law 4 (d). The censure will be in place until the IFSW General Meeting in July 2018 where the matter can be discussed by the wider membership of the Federation.

Footnote re Censure: The intention of censure is to mark a concern about the ability of a member to fulfil the obligations of membership of IFSW. In the event of a censure being issued, it would allow the member to continue to be active within the Federation and enable full voting and speaking rights in all IFSW forums. A censure would act as a public acknowledgement that the action of the member falls short of expectations of membership as guided by the Federation policies and principles.”

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