The US – Ambassador in Tel Aviv encourages settlements as an act of faith and a way of life

Bethlehem/PNN/ By: Madeeha Araj,
Israeli settlement activities encouraged by the American administration and its embassy in Tel Aviv are escalated as the “Regional Committee for Israeli Organization and Building in Jerusalem” is considering the expansion of the “Nof Zahav” settlement in Jabal Mukaber under the project no. 365908, which requires the construction of 600 new settlement units to be added to the 350 planned ones under the same 2017 project, where new sections have been added and expanded under the pressure of investors and settlers in light of the green light following the ill-famed Trump’s declaration

This comes in conjunction with the issuance of the Israeli Minister of Finance, Moshe Kahlon, an order to exempt fees of the infrastructure required to transfer the US Embassy to Jerusalem. When he signed the order, Kahlon said that as a Finance Minister and responsible for planning in Israel, I am proud to pay for the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem..” He had published that the transfer of the embassy on May 14 might not be possible due to the bureaucratic procedures.

As the settlement activity in the northern Jordan Valley is accelerated to transfer 4 settlements and an outpost settlement into a large settlement city on thousands of donums in the Jordan Valley, where the settlements of Mejola, Shdemot Mechola, Rotem and Seleit are located, as well as the settlement outpost established by extremist settlers on the Hamad area.

In a remarkable development, the Regaim Settlement Association submitted a petition to the Israeli Supreme Court demanding the evacuation of 3 Palestinian Bedouin communities south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank. They handed over a copy of the petition that consists of 25 pages to the citizens, the 7th item of it stated that this area is classified as a shooting zone and that the Palestinian Bedouins have built it illegally, worth mentioning that the area has about 1,600 buildings, but classified as C Area i.e. under Israeli control.

On another level, the United Nations stated in a new report issued by its mission in Palestine that the weekly rate of settler attacks that resulted in injuries to Palestinians or damage to their property has increased by 50% since the beginning of 2018 compared with 2017, 67%.

As part of Israel’s ongoing war against the Palestinian people, the Facebook administration responded to a request by Israel to amend the map of Jerusalem to include settlement outposts set up by the occupation after 1967. Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hutibli submitted a request to the Government Relations Officer Erdina Kotler, who responded to the request. For her part, Israeli Justice Minister, Ilit Shaked threatened to take legal action against Twitter for refusing to respond to Israeli requests to write off the accounts of Palestinian organizations that the Israeli government accuses of being hostile.

Israel’s expansionist ambitions for the West Bank are not limited to the Golan Heights. A recent political conference entitled “Observations of a National Strategy on the Golan Heights” was presented at a conference in Tel Aviv. For the first time in fifty years, there is a possibility of changing the borders in the Middle East. Israel has an opportunity to gain recognition of its sovereignty over the Golan Heights. He added, Israel should look forward to an international understanding to cancel the 1967 lines.

The National Office condemned Ambassador Friedman’s remarks in calling for the annexation of the West Bank, specifically, the C areas, which are actually accompanied by practical measures on the ground of which is the most recent call by Israeli Minister of Construction and Housing, Yoav Galant to annex the West Bank and the Jordan Valley to Israel. He said during his meeting last weekend with the heads of the West Bank settlement council that his ministry had doubled the funds allocated for the escalation of settlement construction, adding that the maximum political settlement of our conflict with the Palestinians is to give them “self-government”.