Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel Will Fail at Concealing its Crimes

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns, in the strongest terms, the Israeli attack against the UN specialized organizations, specifically the recent attack on the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva for adopting resolutions on the Palestinian cause.

The ministry considers this act an extension of the Israeli occupation’s rebellion against international legitimacy,
its institutions, and resolutions, aimed at disabling and rejecting the implementation of these decisions.

The false accusations of the Human Rights Council by Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israel’s
right-wing official is part of the Israeli government’s campaign aimed at misinforming and spreading lies to conceal its crimes against Palestinian rights, and its serious violations of the principles of international law and international humanitarian law.

Israel, the occupying Power in Palestine, daily commits atrocities and grave violations against our people. Moreover, Israel is responsible for the consequences of its repressive and racist practices, while the Human Rights Council is fulfilling its obligations and holding its responsibility for those crimes and violations.

The Israeli government must hold responsibility for its violations and crimes and assume responsibility for the international criticism and condemnation.

The occupation must immediately disregard the collective punishment policy and continuous violations of Palestinian human rights, and begin the process of ending the occupation and the colonization of the State of Palestine’s lands.

The Ministry affirms that Israel, as an occupying power, will not be able to mislead the international community and its institutions, as it will not be able to conceal the gravity of its violations and crimes by hiding behind misleading statements, slogans, and accusations against the UN institutions and the international leaders, no matter how strong and effective is its biggest ally which is the United States of America.